Building over network

  • I'm trying to build HISE over my local network but I'm hitting some issues. I have the HISE source on my main system (Debian) and I've shared it across my home network. I can see the folder in Windows explorer and the VS project will load, but when I go to run the build it complains that it can't find various files.

    Any ideas?

  • And..... it's now working of course! I went back to the Debian machine and deleted the VisualStudio2017 folder, switched back to Windows and resaved the Projucer project, and magically everything is working fine.

  • @d-healey If I understand well, this allows you to have only one place for the Hise source code to maintain (like a shared HDD on the network), so you can build on different OS I am right?

  • @ustk That is correct. Works on Windows (aside from weird permission issue I just had to solve). Going to get it working on MacOS next.

  • @d-healey 😎 No more git to sync/update between machines...

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