Continuous audio loop

  • Skip the int, that's just telling you what datatype to use.

  • @d-healey You're a legend. Thanks!

  • @d-healey Trying to connect it to a button to turn the tone on and off. Any ideas?

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  • @TNTHM Are you subscribed to my patreon page?

  • @d-healey I'm not, do you have a link?

  • FoooKINHELL I just loaded your snippet and nearly destroyed my house. I have no idea what is in your script but don't post snippets like that, it can damage speakers as well as ears.

    @TNTHM said in Continuous audio loop:

    @d-healey I'm not, do you have a link?

    Ya, it's in my signature. I posted a video this month explaining pretty much what you're wanting to do. The general idea is in the button callback you have the call to playNote. The button needs to have saveInPreset disabled (I guess your snippet is missing that?).

  • @d-healey Sorry about that. I didn't think it would do anything weird but obviously I was wrong. I will be more careful in the future.

    The only things in it were the bit of code you recommended me and a button on the gui which I created a custom callback for and then put the bit of script inside of.

    I'll check it out, thanks for the tip. I love your YouTube videos!

  • @TNTHM I think your button is triggering playback as soon as the snippet is loaded, and it's loud. Just turn the gain down on the module before posting the snippet next time.

  • @d-healey I just closed and reopened the project and I see what you mean. Any pointers on how to get a button to turn the note on and off?

  • @TNTHM If statement. You can use Engine.allNoteOff(); or Synth.noteOffByEventId(); to turn notes off.

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