Lost the console

  • Hi guys i just lost the console does anyone know where i can find it ??

  • @Sketch Different things could happen (a screenshot would be helpful)

    • you might have just clicked the little arrow and retracted the console. If it is the case, just find this small arrow at the bottom of the script
    • It is also possible that you closed the console in the tile. In this case, right click on a tile and insert a console.
    • The tile might have been removed. press F6 to customise the layout, right click to insert a new tile, F6 to exit edit layout mode, right click to choose console


    Hard to tell more without seeing your screen…
    Also, your layout setting is stored in the ApplicationData/Hise folder in an xml. You can remove this xml and relaunch Hise so it opens with the default layout. There are different xml files in there, I'm not in front of my computer to tell which one it is…

  • @ustk thanks that was very helpful

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