Realistic pitchbend

  • Hello everybody

    I'm new to Hise and I have a electronic bagpipe that is actually a midi controller. Now I want to record all my different bagpipes so I can play all sounds with one device on stage.
    On the bagpipes you always have a continuous sound and you can transist between notes with sliding. My idea to achieve this is to do a crossfade between two pitched samples during pitchbend. (lat's say I go from a to b, near a it will be 80% uppitched a and 20% downpitched b. Near to b the sound more comes from the b sample)

    Question 1:
    Is this a good approach to make a instrument sound as real as possible?

    Question 2:
    If this is the way to go. How can I achieve this behaviour?

    Question 3:
    How could I use more samples between notes? I could imagine to record 2-3 samples between a and b and when I use pitchbend then crossfade over these. This would probably sound more realistic?

    I'm open to any suggestions and help. Thank you in advance.

  • @Michael-Hugi I made an ullieann pipe library a few years ago in Kontakt. I'm still working on a HISE version. For slides between notes I used a combination of crossfading and pitch bending, during performance I also use the pitch wheel.

    The scripting is a little complex and involves the use of a timer.

    Another way to do it is the way "true legato" is done and record the sides from each note to every other note.

    With the uilleann pipes I had to also use a note filter to make sure the legato/bend stuff only triggered for the chanter and not the drones or regulators.

  • @d-healey what library is it? I'm interested in uilleann pipes too, since I have a half set and a v-pipes


    I'm interested in making more pipe libraries. Maybe we could collaborate on a project.

  • @d-healey I'm definitively interested. Let me get used to audio coding first. (I'm a java developer originally)

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