Control Callbacks not working once processorId is set in Property Editor

  • I'm sure this must be covered somewhere, but the kind souls on here have been clearing things up for me so quickly, that I figured if I can't find the doc on it after an hour I would post to the forum.

    If I create a basic slider, then create a custom callback and test out the callback with a console print, it is all golden. But as soon as, in the property editor, I choose a processorId and parameterId my callback no longer triggers.

    Is there any guidance on this?

  • @musictranscriber It's absolutely normal behavior, it's just that the property editor is used in place of the to script if a processorId is selected
    This means that the property editor is good for a quick control connection, and if you are sure the component in question will control only one parameter for ever.
    For everything else, go straight for a custom CB as you did 😉

  • @ustk thanks so much for the reply.

    So that means that I cannot use both in tandem? If I want to have a callback for a specific control, I must not use the property editor to set the processorId, but I must script that?

  • @musictranscriber Yes exactly, otherwise only the property editor connection will work, not the script… So scripting is your choice here

  • @ustk yup, time to go callback all the way. Actually feels more familiar coming from Kontakt 🙂

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