very stupid question

  • Hello,
    I just compiled a basic vst with twenty sample map, when I put it in my daw, it works. (waouuuu) except that I wanted to try something, I voluntarily moved the samples in my computer. I reopened the vst, it tells me that it does not find the samples (normal) except that in fact, on each sample map loaded from the presets, it outputs the sound of the samples but very short and cut. How is it possible? I wanted to do this manipulation just to try.
    my samples are in HR1 format.

  • @yall

    my samples are in HR1 format.

    Are you sure?

  • @yall Have you rebooted the computer or restart the DAW?
    It might be the cache disk that keeps a preload of the files or something similar… 🤔

  • @ustk @d-healey I restarted the pc, I even tried on another computer. this time I squarely deleted the samples ... and I still have the samples that trigger. it's not the entire sample just the attack. it's really bizarre; I invite you to try it.
    I think I understood something.
    the samples that I integrated and built in the hise project have this problem.
    the samples I made in an empty hise project do not.

  • @yall I just understood exactly the "problem".
    when i create a sample map and then put in monolith, the sample map from hise will look for the audio samples in a folder on my pc.
    I just changed the folder name of my audio samples and suddenly my compiled vst loads a blank sample map.
    it was really a stupid thing

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