Documentation for ScriptPanel is online

  • Hi everybody,

    I just wrote a rather extensive documentation of the ScriptPanel, which allows you to build custom UI types directly in Javascript:

    This is an advanced topic, so you should know your way around HISE and Javascript a little in order to enjoy this text 🙂

    It also includes a few real world examples which were actual user requests (mostly from Elan).

    Let me know if you stumble upon anything (like if the code examples don't work somehow or there's something badly explained).

  • I hope that infinitely rotatable heads are going to be the next big thing in sampling 🙂

  • 6-state button causes hise to hang indefinitely after compiling. It's all good until you add this line of code to onControl callback

    SixStateButton.update(number, value);

    Also, you don't make it easy to post your HISE version. No text selection.

    alt text

  • I second the text selection feature. +
    The final 6-state-button script throws an error at line 44.
    setButtonValue(this, 1 - this.getValue()); // This expression is not a function!


  • a button for "copy debug info to clipboard" would be nice, then we can easily paste in os, system info, build info, etc.

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