Project file does not exist - Help!

  • Hi all, having an issue with exporting my VST built in HISE Develop 2.1.0 Build Version 650 on Windows 10, Visual Studio Community 2017.

    I have successful exported test versions of the same VST but now it's reading MSBUILD : error MSB1009: Project file does not exist in spite having the source folder pointed at the same HISE folder the project was made with.

    This error began after changing the Project Info to be relevant for our release. Does any one know how to resolve this? I'm beating my head on the desk but it;s not working....

  • It also shows "Error when saving: No exporters found!
    Please add an exporter before saving." but I've recompiled Hise several times. Just not sure what (more than likely simple) step Im overlooking.

  • sorted, thanks anyway

  • What was the solution?

  • @d-healey not so much a solution as a workaround, I was able to successfully export after reverting the project info to the arbitrary info that I used originally. Having an issue now with the embedded documentation in the vst not loading after export but I'll start another thread for that.

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