Triggering different samples for Attack & Sustain

  • Hey Guys 🙂
    I´m Toby and am working on a new "Sample-Instrument" for a research project.

    I am trying to create an instrument with the feature to choose from different samples for attack and sustain (for example: GrandPiano Attack; Guitar Sustain). My problem here is that i have no idea how to trigger the sustain sample after the attack sample has disappeared. ( I´m searching for something that works like the "note Off" midi command for release samples. )

    Do you Guys have any idea how to implement this?

    Greets Toby

    Edit: the attack times may vary depending on the instrument.

  • @Ohnias Hi Toby

    I'm not very good with samplers so someone else will surely give a better solution.
    So I would say:
    If you want to have 2 different instruments at a time, first you'll need two samplers
    Then I see two solutions.
    Either you play with an AHDSR or a Table Envelope modulator in both samplers so you can adjust the attack of the first sampler and when the sustain sampler will play, or you create 2 different artificial notes and delay the 2nd one.

    Again, there might be a better solution I'm not aware of...

  • @Ohnias Here's an example that might work for you

    HiseSnippet 1363.3oc6X0saaTDEdVmLUMtjVpT4mKWEIjbDEKamz.UUUwoN1QQE2XkMsEwETMY2wwi5tyrr6rgZJUpWxc7JzGAtkqnu.bEu.bCWf3l9D.bl8GuylrMxXQRop0QIJy4u86blyedGDHroggh.jwB6M1mhLdGr0XtbTmQDFGs8lHiKh6SBkz.yDR2ZrOILj5fLLlaKEAiElGE+4EqeKhKgaSyIgP2SvroeNyiIyoNn8sYtt8HNz8XdZRuZ6ssE7NBWQDfm4vMP9D6GRNfdGhRrJXjw455vjh.KIQRCQFyeKgyXqQhugmH+8Xgr8copCMQVfgRH2S35nPr5+QcFwbcFj42gHvnCxiBykDEtBtOygMgddz3ciYXlqgd7vnxIAulyH7Lzf27Iv6xXK6.luLmiBaW.uMGtnFRfq.cXkHKpxWUA2Q.Rvk08HOj1K.NLQiZq0nwUMuViFKeiEqtXU3hHTZdHIvbOB.4t7CotBeZSyaZFmeT+.pruvIxk.9askhExbhTKoLxKwDslJSzZoDbn9gwcYbp4vHtsjI3lBNQJgLCU1ys46q7o.gaMagmufCd2UgGpaDc4Eq93EqtPQ7WOjJ2PJCX6GIo0NBuMhMal523nJ25DTt0wU9IvuYwavU6jAuZKU.9KsrxroNQGhq69.uZk6iJypEFtiPR2gWa4pOt5BUeRUyixZ3vR4kZLWZPorUOxfSRwZ7Hu8oAYtZlfP1Ywz+KLco+1IwHMAE7s4L4N9zzy4EHJdIdcF2FnINqNobeTmZrqUhX4jNd8GJ8NTUIlJNHpLtN7ho0gVtLGZ.hAX7R3BWbn3XzjdbOOrM5tauIQRxLGXY3o4SCjLULyXS5gPGyjx7EvaRCenT3GKaZ5CPdpe3OZxC9oiZON+fcaOgCXhygi6.6QxE76+01P2deK12R0asGFMbHCjBiM8BQdLGGW5.QHSkYnj6u9a3y5+PazwaVAsLypx06ipFdjxPYC8FVplRbv1i0Qv+hlqMJs4ZyxtbmR3dY7.lzdT43sRI3EtdOswa5npEwcGNjZKyA673dewrNWZ1fxURfxEv2mbHMt4dLPdu3yCEAdlaQ4z.ULs4KaChm8c+9OMsaP3O0aPrisDfvdADdnuHj1TyxO+H7Zoks8yaRkQ7BhiRH0Rmjx85AtmlbmucFwV5DGP3ELFbtfk5yxKAQ+15c4pgKVTvab1IzFbVUrSubXPjaH89LG4nl5JlStkNYi4loMSJVipIeIqofeErE0+8E5mp8klwk9plf2KgKrwQZeoir4UA71WvE9iDblsdp1tTXClCNfVHcpTWKYkF8gW6RcojvrJtm4ey0ZmHTLLhmqYbM7JqUu3mC2gu+J6FS85chOC+Y3GGyaP252a7NnTKqYmOB2Z0bSbL8Rr6wZyN2zE9KIjWYJSQ9.7FSFxZ9ZyDrODmEgesB1m3f24diev6I2JCFp7+fa5cEQRF+f9DnsiZCx6D4YAymso.T4bpK7fvFUTKZmbtg5rBPVTtS7A0tkoLapNajxrYFS8PxEy1EwB9Ri46h79wmMUCmmhkQd5e9G+3o9xH56aXQ8X6A62Gp+ztaH7kzoe8tpqOc5cDjfRY8h06ANYo5XQjQAw4Aa3Ih3xBULm9aGL+a2N3U+1AsNa2NXqe4IGe6fhS0SmhOYp90G2eb8YZafuzM7Qucaf2tMvabaCbVLd8r3Y3QrCDOvN4Mrop.OeLEvu4wu9+Ev8UmMal8J0v3F0andUTrGXaqB2eBDeJWmVyfNqLC5r5Lny0lAcVaFz4SmAc9rSTG0T5MhjBujRQfvftIMqMRd+EwY8n+Amp3GAA

  • The two samplers + envelopes approach is the simplest and requires minimal scripting. Another way is to use note on/off scripting, or scripted note fades, and can be achieved with one or two samplers.

  • @ustk Hi USTK, thanks for replying ! I think the problem here is that the attack-times vary depending on the sound-source(instrument). Than the delay-times for the sustain samples would have to know these variations...
    Or do i get something wrong?

  • Hi @d-healey ;

    "Another way is to use note on/off scripting, or scripted note fades, and can be achieved with one or two samplers."

    would my problem with the varying attack-times be solved with any of these techniques?


  • @Ohnias If you know the attack times then you can set it manually for each note using a lookup array this can be applied to either technique. You might also be able to solve it using a note number modulator on the envelope's attack time.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @d-healey Sounds good, totally blasts my brain! How hard is it to set this up? Do you think i can implement this as a beginner?

  • @Ohnias Define "beginner".

  • @d-healey i know the basics for creating sample-library-instruments. I can create a piano-library-instrument in Hise or other samplers like kontakt with ease. Not that in with scripting yet..

  • @Ohnias Without scripting you should try the note number modulator method - but I suspect you'll probably need to resort to scripting in the end.

    I have a YouTube playlist with scripting tutorials -

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