Question about licencing and output

  • Hello everyone! I am considering trying out HISE to make a sample based VST instrument with a lot of presets and sounds (a bit like a "rompler" ) and I would like the usage to be completely free. I understand that the instrument will be released under creative commons, but what about the output? I want people to be able to use the instrument with absolutely zero restrictions, music wise. Thanks!

  • @XainLK


    Your options for licensing are:

    • A commercial proprietary license - this means you pay Christoph a fee and you can release a closed source plugin.
    • Releasing your plugin and samples under the GNU GPL - the same license that HISE uses. This license requires all derivative works to be released under the same license. You have to make your source code available to anyone who receives a copy of the plugin.

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  • I see what you mean now, it would be very complicated to have a separate license for the samples and the plugin (derivative work of the samples would have to be GPLed) so the commercial license would definitely be the best way to go.

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