It's ok. This post will help New mac's User ;)

  • Problem solved.
    I bought a new mac. ^^
    Mac mini late 2014 with. Catalina
    Xcode 11
    Project latest version (replaced by that of the hise folder)
    Compilation is going on in problem.
    Creation of vst plugin without problem.
    For the export, I have to start the export to the FX plug-in, then I have to quit before the end because there is an access error.
    Then I open the temporary file autogenerate.jucer .... with projucer, I put releases and debug in 64 bits. J save and open in xcode. I compile in xcode. Once finished. I reopen my hise project. And I normally export my plugin or vst without problem.
    I open my studio plugin. Is detected and works perfectly.
    Just a question.
    Which file should I copy to put my plugin or vst in another mac? As under windows it is the .DLL there is a bcp file I don't know which is the vst file or plugin.,? Thank you

  • Plugins are stored in either of the following locations on a Mac:

    1. ~/Library/Audio/Plug-ins
    2. /Library/Audio/Plug-ins

    Within these locations you'll find folders containing the different plugin types (ie AU, VST & AAX)

    Components - Stores AU plugins
    Digidesign - Stores AAX plugins
    VST - Stores VST
    VST3 - Stores VST3

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