Problem exporting

  • @d-healey I'm on High sierra with XC10, I don't know about Mojave though, it's a good thing to keep in mind...

  • Thanks all for the replies. Actually, I can't install xcode 10 at the moment, as my ProTools version runs on 10.3.3 and not 10.3.6, and I prefer not to update as I'm in the middle of a project. I'll try looking for this xcpretty (btw, what is it?) and see if the problem gets solved.

  • Ok, installed xcpretty, but I get an error again; I think the problem is this:

    xcode-select: error: tool 'xcodebuild' requires Xcode, but active developer directory '/Library/Developer/CommandLineTools' is a command line tools instance

    What does it mean? Sorry for these questions that might seem trivial to you, but I'm really new to all this.
    Thanks again!

  • Ok, after a web search I could find the solution (Xcode was not in the Application folder...)
    Now it compiles and it opens correctly, the samples are loaded, but how can I make it respond to my midi keyboard? When I play on the keyboard no sound can be heard.

  • Update: I built the VST and it works perfectly. It sounds and the controls are responding. The standalone version, as I mentioned, doesn't sound. I have a similar problem inside HISE, i.e. it sounds when I click the virtual keyboard with my mouse, but it doesn't play anything when I play my master keyboard, even if I can see the virtual keys being pressed and the MIDI activity icon blinking... The MIDI interface is recognized by HISE but for some reasons the software doesn't respond correctly to my MIDI keyboard.

  • @alepan did you connect HISE to your midi input device?

    File>Preferences>Audio & MIDI

  • Yes Lindon, both MIDI inputs of my interface are selected, as well as the Core Audio driver of my Apollo.
    The strange fact is that I can see the MIDI activity icon blink, but no sound is emitted. I also created a pitch bend and a CC1 modulator, but they do not respond.

  • Something is not working inside my HISE, because both the sound and the pitch bend work properly if I use the plugin I have built inside my DAW. But I cannot figure out what's going on....

    Here's a screenshot of my preferences:


  • @alepan Do the audio meters move?


  • Hi David,
    no they don't move

  • Try this patch, tell me if you get any sound.

    HiseSnippet 692.3oc6V0saSCCE1osFwDvz.Mg3xbA2BpAF+b25VW6zDqinlxO2MYRNq0BG6fiyf9nr630f2BdT1a.bbRGIUDlphDCI.eUNe1m3O+c9w1WqBgzTkl3r1j4I.w4lzf4Ryr9yXbI4f8HNqSGwRMf1s.Z24IrzTHh33zdeKfyZcHDxmO6rur8tLASFBKfxGuVwCgC4wbSIpeuWvEhgrHXBOtxp2p2AgJYekPkg7oMsKIgE9d1T3HlcYsnDmqMHhaT5.Cy.oDmN6phlGLS8QYw5eMOk+NAXM7HA3Op.dnRDYYr8aR+YbQj+Em6TBwg5WpBsKTgMoi3Q7efWpFajOgaoGU0CmVWF87pRut0ROuZnGoB65TvNjDpnLAyrLyrgiESvUKGoNPZ.YJ2LuTsOe6+nz81TetIbV87sUM7ECT+t46hf+snCN4DHzTR1Nzgu8pMRudAUtAMfKg7Jxbhb2ba22vNEb2Gjf1Jpd+phRb70UsnLYkKJeYnA29IZlLMQktzON.h4STRqhTB9pTXnF9vXaTtJdeESW6Tmu8P7PVqOALSlNOcYmXUlzrT5Q6UNlTs4vxUMUVeMcJ57+NE4zs8pQ2ZTPG+e5FmMvb53DALPdJHTHhki2gtGbBKSXt.c4j7QJoJYlRxCqlALFLZ9zoftJ2q8.siwfWsThrYuwf.XUylueuCwrPlF0IngZg2pqEWV75dzB55ZqLc+6nCe6+M6vOVkY3xoiXXh5mvWdbTVb.1XMDPlHkf.2HpSKaywB6tV6hNqxnbiugiES5YscVLo2ESdkrGwrPs5X7hAiVIr4xWOGAO2x72psF9nQz10ibJSjg.TZ2G1kDicDONLzJ2O.0m584QMvmG2.e1pA97jF3ySafOOqA977K0G6kQ6jYTwEkhHf+f8XFFlqOPxvL47rdx2A.mQhTD

  • @d-healey said in Problem exporting:

    Ehm... how can I download the snippet? Sorry, really new to all this...

  • @alepan Copy the text, then in HISE go to FIle >> Import HISE Snippet

  • @d-healey said in Problem exporting:

    Ok, done but nothing has cnahged. I can see the MIDI activity blink, the virtual keys being pressed and the CPU meter change value of 0.1, but no sound from the sine wave generator...

  • Which branch of HISE did you build?

  • @d-healey said in Problem exporting:

    Which branch of HISE did you build?

    2.1.0, build version 650

  • @alepan Which git branch did you use?

  • @d-healey said in Problem exporting:

    @alepan Which git branch did you use?

    This is a question I'm not able to answer.
    I just followed the instructions I found on this page: [](link url)

  • Then you have probably built the master branch. Use the scriptnode branch, it's much more up to date and will probably solve your issue.

    If you want to know more about working with git, I have a video!

  • @d-healey said in Problem exporting:

    Then you have probably built the master branch. Use the scriptnode branch, it's much more up to date and will probably solve your issue.

    Ok thanks a lot. Where can I find the scriptnode branch?
    Thanks for the video, I watch it immediately and get back to you if I have some problems.

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