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  • Few months ago I've decided to build a rompler instrument with the little knowledge that i have of HISE and see what can i come up with. The idea was to use default HISE stuff and very little or no scripts at all while putting as much as possible typical synthi controls on the UI for as much editing possibilities as possible!

    I've brought it to this version which i like to call ORCHESTOOLS | 306 (BETA). It uses samples from two small sample packages from Versilian Studios VSCO 2 Community Edition project - the 256samples package and the 50samples package - thus the number 306 🙂

    Building this one made me understand better how samplemaps, samplers and UI on HISE work and already have a lot of plans to update/change on these aspects. There are a lot of things needing corrections, sample maps, sample loops, and stuff, rename UI control parameters to something that is short and makes sense when it appears at MIDI Learn control parameters panel.. etc...

    There are few dozen presets on the Library to demonstrate what can be done with this instrument.

    Here is the VST/VST3 with samples archive download link:!ZcwnWCzZ!oMmGDQxZfrUYYUuFQDjro4sK4My-0OGCRuJHD3o6w0c

    and here is the source to build your own:!hBhDnCRb!RLYMJzxJQmWj7iRvN3iZ_-2kCYsUa-yFXWOdci3HrDk

    and bellow screen shots of the interface, it's quite big 🙂

    looking forward to comments, critique, suggestions and solutions proposed by anyone...

    thanx! 🙂

    OT 306 Main.png
    OT 306 MIDIpanel and Library.png

  • updated looks 🙂

    ot 306.png

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