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  • Hello, I am new and new to this game. I just finished my plugin with twenty guitar samples in it. turn works on the pc with which I created the vst. however when i want to play with my vst on another pc, the vst is displayed but the samples do not work. at the beginning he asks me to locate the folder but nothing is done there. once the vst installed I can not try to import the samples again. What did I do wrong? thank you so much and dsl if my question is stupid for you.

  • @sebastien Did you convert the samples to hr1 monoliths? Also after you tell the plugin where the samples are you need to close and reopen it again before it will work.

  • @d-healey yes i have export via hise, export a sample but no it is impossible to load ... the problem may come that I created the vst in several files? for example the samples are on the desktop and the rest of the project in another folder. thanks for a quick answer 🙂

  • The location of the samples shouldn't matter. Did you add a settings panel to your interface?

  • @d-healey Thank you, thank you. No I didn't add a panel of settings. How did I add one? It's weird because on my pc it works very well and on another impossible of nothing. What file must copy to move from one pc to another

  • @sebastien You just need the samples and the vst. On Windows it adds a folder to your app data folder, delete the folder that was added and reopen the plugin. You'll be asked to locate the samples again and you'll be able to double check that it's correct.

  • @d-healey I'll try tomorrow I'll come back and tell you if it worked or not. Thank you for your answers. Good night

  • @d-healey Hello, I followed your advice. but the problem remains the same. in a folder on a usb stick I put, the .dll file, the .hr1 file (size 1ko?) and the file with my sample.
    i open fl studio on my other computer, i load the vst, it asks me to locate, i do it (.hr1 file and sample folder). he tells me, the samples were successfully imported but when I restart the vst, still no signal coming out of the vst. I tell you I do not understand anything anymore.
    when creating the vst, no export problem in vsti or standalone. I'm lost...

  • Well there's your problem. Something went wrong with the sample export, unless you only have 1kb of samples.

  • @d-healey
    my file weighs 300mo. what are the recommended settings to put in the preferences? frankly, I block it completely ...

  • @sebastien put all your wav files in the Samples folder in your project folder structure. - re-build your sample maps from there. Each time you make a sample map create a ch1 file for it. Using the "down arrow in a circle" button to the left of the "save" button.
    when you've done that for all your samples then:

    Export>Export Samples For Installer

    and you should have all your samples correctly set up to be able ot install them in your plug-in....

  • In addition to what Lindon said, the .hr is an archive format, like a .zip or .rar file. It needs to be extracted by your plugin when you first open it. If this is a VST just for your own use then you don't need to bother making the .hr files, just use the .ch files instead.

  • @d-healey @Lindon Wow, wow. Thank you, thank you. Finally it works. It was a stupid mistake:) now I can not export in aax format. 😂😂 it puts me in the right place. Aax sdk is missing. A solution? Anyway thanks bcp for your answers I learned from my mistakes

  • @sebastien The AAX SDK folder structure should look like this:


    That's all you have to do AFAIR...

  • @sebastien You need to sign up as a developer with AVID to get the SDK. You'll also need to discuss licensing with Christoph if you're planning to publicly release an AAX plugin.

  • @sebastien Ok so AAX format plugins - yes first you have to get the SDK to build an SDK plug-in and as Dave points out you need to sign up to the Avid Developer program (its not too painful) - then you can compile your AAX plugin, but surprise surprise it wont run in any commercial version of ProTools . It will run in the "developer only" version but if you are releasing a commercial plug-in thats really not much use beyond testing it.

    So how to get your AAX plugin to work in ProTools? Well you have to get your plug-in "signed" (so ProTools is prepared to load it) and you have to do this through the PACE tool set - so you also have to sign up with PACE - telling them you are an Avid Developer Program member - then they will send you the software (and process) to "sign" your plug-in.

    Still think AAX is worth it?

  • @Lindon Oh no I don't want it to be on protools but ableton... I do not know at all the system of vst on mac that's why I thought it was aax. So for ableton comment should I do? Thanks guys for your answers it's cool

  • @sebastien Mac uses AU format. You don't need to do anything special for this, the export process is the same as for VST and the AU SDK is part of the Mac OS (I think). But you have to export the plugin on a Mac.

  • @d-healey i will try. Thank u

  • @d-healey mac can handle AU and VST 🙂

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