Building HISE Scriptnode on Linux

  • after hours of trial and error building the scriptnode branch of HISE on linux mint 19.2, i finally managed to build the HISE standalone binary. Because i couldn't find helpful ressources by searching the internet, and i guess, that other people may run into the same problems, i decided to post my workflow here, hoping that i have done everything correctly - otherwise, please correct me. 😉

    1. download the scriptnode branch of HISE via github


    1. unzip the "HISE-scriptnode" folder

    2. in "/HISE-scriptnode/hi_modules/synthesisers/synths/WavetableTools.cpp" line 503 -> replace "ceilf" with "ceil" with a texteditor


    1. in "/HISE-scriptnode/hi_tools/hi_standalone_components/SliderPack.cpp" line 300 -> replace "floorf" with "floor"


    1. in "/HISE-scriptnode/hi_tools/hi_standalone_components/SliderPack.cpp" line 302 -> replace "fmodf" with "fmod" and delete the "f" conversion suffix after "1.0"


    1. open the "HISE Standalone.jucer" file in "/HISE-scriptnode/projects/standalone" in the Projucer

    2. just save the file, you don't need to change anything within Projucer - the Makefile will automatically be created in "/HISE-scriptnode/projects/standalone/Builds/LinuxMakefile"

    3. Run the Makefile via terminal with the command

    make - CONFIG=Release  
    1. If everything is done so far, it should compile the "HISE Standalone" binary to the "build" subfolder

    2. run "HISE Standalone" by doubleclicking the icon, open the settings dialog, select the correct path to the HISE scriptnode source and a path to folder, where your custom nodes should be stored in. for some reason, this only worked for me, when this folder was located inside the HISE source code folder, i don't really know, why.... 😕 after that, save settings and quit HISE.


    1. once more, open the "HISE Standalone.jucer" file in "/HISE-scriptnode/projects/standalone" in the Projucer

    2. in "hi_modules" change "HI_ENABLE_CUSTOM_NODE_LOCATION" to "Enabled"


    1. resave the project and rebuild HISE like described in step 8 via the Makefile.

    at least, this workflow worked for me, hope some people will benefit of that description... 😉

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