Creating an Installer on Mac - Can't access subfolders using Whitebox

  • @ulrik Thanks for replying.

    But from my understanding your picture below shows that the plugins will install directly into the /users folder and not into the user/name/library/audio/plugins folder.....

    alt text

    Appreciate your response though

  • @LeeC that picture shows only when you start the process, when in payload I load the plugins from /Users/myName/Library/Audio/PlugIns/ and components & VST3

  • This post is deleted!

  • @LeeC I'm sorry, I did not read your first question so well, I see now that you want to install the plugins to Library/Audio/PlugIns/etc...
    stupid me, I'll delete the latest post...😔

  • In oner installer you can't install in system file and home user folder. To do this I created post install script which move content from Library/Aplication Support/PLUGIN NAME to ~/Library/Aplication Support/PLUGIN NAME.

  • @ulrik No worries. Thanks for trying though! ☺

  • @arminh This sounds interesting...

    So what did you use to create a post install script?

    I think this is exactly what needs to be done ☺

  • @LeeC I just edited code which are on white box page

    First create file and use it as main post installation script

    foundPackage=`/usr/sbin/pkgutil --volume "$3" --pkgs=$INSTALL_PKG_SESSION_ID`
    ## For Mac OS X 10.5 ##
    if [ -z "$SHARED_INSTALLER_TEMP" ]; then
    	if [ -f $INSTALLER_TEMP/.install.$INSTALL_PKG_SESSION_ID ]; then
    ## End For Mac OS X 10.5 ##
    if test -n "$foundPackage"; then
    	# It's an upgrade
    	/bin/sh ./
    	# It's a clean install
    	/bin/sh ./
    exit 0

    Next, create second script called with this content

    cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/
    mkdir COMPANY_NAME
    cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/YOUR_COMPANY NAME
    mkdir PRODUCT_NAME
    sudo mv /Library/Application\ Support/COMPANY_NAME/PRODUCT_NAME/* ~/Library/Application\ Support/COMPANY_NAME/PRODUCT_NAME/
    cd /Library/Application\ Support/
    sudo rm -rf COMPANY_NAME
    exit 0

    If you have space in your Company or product name you must write this like this

    My\ Company = My Company
    My\ Product = My Product

  • @arminh Great info thanks.
    I'll check it out ☺

  • Found a way to access the Users>Computername>library>audio>plugins using Whitebox for anyone that's following this.

    Check this out:

    Let's say you want to install a file in ~/Library/Application Support. Here's how to do that:

    Open Packages
    Create a new Distribution project.
    Choose Packages > Preferences…
    Click Advanced.
    Check Show Advanced User Options and close the Preferences window.
    Select Project in the source list.
    Click the Settings tab.
    Scroll to the bottom of the Advanced Options list.
    Check current user's home.
    Click the Requirements & Resources tab.
    Check Install on startup disk only.
    Select the package in the source list.
    Click the Settings tab.
    Uncheck Require admin password for installation.
    Click the Payload tab.
    Select the /Library/Application Support row in the Contents list.
    Click +.
    Select the file you want to install and click Add…
    Select the Reference Style and click Add.
    You can now build your package and test it.

  • @LeeC I tried the instructions, and it doesn't install to the ~/Library 🤷
    The link even has a Sample Project.... I opened and ran. Still installed to /Library

  • @dustbro I think I tried that it sample project and it worked ok.
    Let me take another look.....

  • @dustbro Yep just tried the sample project and it worked.

    Installed a 'payload_file.txt' file to the ~/Library/Application Support/ location.

    I'll have a play about but not entirely sure why you're not seeing it your end 😞

  • BTW. In white box installer you can only install in one location. You must choose whether you want to install on /Library on user home ~/Library You can't install part in normal library and second part on user folder. Only one option which I figure out is post install scrip which install everything in normal Library and then copy it to user home

  • I guess at the end of the day, VST/AU/AAX plugin folders exist in /Library, so I removed my concern for needing to install to ~/Library 👍 👍

  • Hey guys,
    I need your help figuring out a simple install package for a plugin on MAC.
    I have an FX plugin that contains audio files that are too large to embed, so the resources file will need to be added to an installer. Shouldn't be an issue.

    Not a problem with PC. I can install the plugins to their proper folders, as well as deposit my AudioResources.dat file to the User AppData folder. Yay!

    My dilemma is with MAC. Using Packages, I can create a Distribution package that can install the AudioResources.dat file to the ~/Library, but if I add my plugin raw packages to this Distribution package, all of the files get installed to the ~/Library folder.
    I could just create 2 installers... one for the ~/Library and another for /Library, but I feel like there's a better way to do it.

    What have you done in the past?

  • @dustbro I'm not sure I understand well but if you create a distribution project with Packages, you can add as many packages as you want with their own payload and destination... Each package within a distribution is unique and different from the others, so I don't see where you have an issue with the destination 🤔

  • @ustk A distribution package can only deliver files to EITHER ~/Library or /Library at one time. Not both 😞
    From their website

    You can not install items both in the current user's home directory and outside it. 

  • @dustbro Doh! Sad news...

  • Guys, I Need Help With Destination Folder.
    There Is No Choice To Select Components Folder

    Can Any One Supply A Few Screens Shots How To Build A Installer

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