Babayaga - horror fx/noise plugin

  • Hello! 🙂
    I'm new to hise and I'm totally hooked to it! I made a free horror fx/noise vst for film scoring and for just making some noise...I would be honored if some of you guys check it out and maybe give some pointers for future builds
    here's the youtube video (short demonstration) :

  • Very creepy

    Where do I download?

  • thank you! 🙂 the download links are in the video description

  • Only windows and mac 😞 got a link to the source?

  • actually, it's only for windows because I haven't tested it for mac 🙂 How do I export the source? As a Hise snipet? will the samples be embeded or do i have to export them as well?

  • I just push the project folder to github, but you could just post it as a zip file. You don't need to include the samples since they are the same as you've already provided in the links on YouTube but you will need to include the sample maps.

    It's best not to include the build directory as who ever is building it on their system will recreate this anyway.

  • @d-healey ok, I've uploaded the source here -
    would be great if you could take a look!

  • @markmrak
    Sounds awesome man!! I will download this for 100%.
    I m struggling to make my own simple OSC plugin for windows. Would it be possible for me to contact you and ask a few questions tomorrow or the next week? I would really appreciate it.
    I might also give you a few tips for the future horror plugins, cause I use them a lot.
    Thanks for you're time and plugin and good luck in the future! 👍 😄

  • @Dlukas7 thank you so much! 🙂 definitely you can contact me, but i don't know if I'll have a lot of information for you, I'm a beginner in hise...but I would definitely like to hear about those horror plugin tips!

  • @markmrak This sounds really cool! (...and just in time for Halloween!!) 🤘

    I'm on mac mainly but I've been spending the evening cleaning up my windows machine so that I can install HISE on there as well. I'll happily try it out on there if I can get it working. If you have a mac installer though that would be even better.

    On first look at the GUI, my thoughts would be to maybe try having a button to show/hide the preset browser so that you don't have to have it on screen all of the time.

    I'll put the instructions and the code you need for that below if you want to try it out 🙂


    Step 1, Make a button called ‘PresetsButton’

    Step 2, Make a floating tile called ‘PresetBrowser’. In the ‘Component Specific Properties’ section, select the PresetBrowser option in ‘Content Type’

    Step 3, Copy the below code into the script editor and hit the ‘Compile’ button

    const var PresetsButton = Content.getComponent("PresetsButton");
    inline function onPresetsButtonControl(component, value)
        if (value)
    const var PresetBrowser = Content.getComponent("PresetBrowser");

  • @SteveRiggs Thanks,I really did want to make it smaller but i didn't know how to do it, I'll definitely try! I'll export it for mac tomorrow and it would be great if you can install it and see if it works!

  • @markmrak Ok great. Thanks!

    No problem. You can resize it as well if you just wanted to do that. Just click and drag one of the corners of the floating tile to the size you want, and then change the font size in properties accordingly.

  • Which xmlpresetbackup file should I build from?

  • @d-healey it's baba10
    sorry, i only deleted the presets (hip files)
    @SteveRiggs yep, i know it's kinda clunky this way, i was just so exited i found a preset browser i didn't investigate it enough ☺

  • @markmrak I'm certainly not knocking it. It looks and sounds great. I didn't realize you could even hide the browser until about my third project 😂 You learn all kinds of cool shit along the way!!

  • @SteveRiggs definitely! 🙂 really a great feeling to finally be able to make a plugin...i just hope it works on your system, i did have a few warnings in the compile process ☺

  • @markmrak It is! Very rewarding and addictive when you get one built and working. HISE has actually taken over my life now lol

  • It seems to have built okay but the preset browser is showing up for me, I'll have to see if I made a mistake.

    I also noticed you only have 1 button setup as a automatable parameter and all of your labels are editable.

  • Oh there is no preset browser in baba10.xml

  • @d-healey said in Babayaga - horror fx/noise plugin:

    It seems to have built okay but the preset browser is showing up for me, I'll have to see if I made a mistake.

    I also noticed you only have 1 button setup as a automatable parameter and all of your labels are editable.

    I kinda thought that labels are just for labeling stuff(i suspected this could not be the case) - what does it mean that they are editable?

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