panel.closeAsPopup and more...

  • I've got 2 questions, first:
    Is there a way to close a Popup panel using the keyboard keys "esc" or "Return" with some scripting?
    It would be a user-friendly alternativ instead of using the mouse.
    An editable label is easy to close if you change the text and hit return, cause it's scriptable in the callback but, if you don't change the text and hit return, the callback will not execute so is there an other way to trigger the labels callback using esc or Return?

  • @ulrik Nope, I don't think so. This has been raised already once or twice, but the only available keys are the modifier keys (that are no use if not combined with the mouse events)
    When you think about it, the escape/return key is certainly already used by the DAW, so plugins can't use them, except when something like a label or a knob has the focus.

  • @ustk that's a pity, it would be a nice addition if it would be possible, as you say, when labels and panels are in focus... 😞

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