Multimic or Siblings how to

  • @ustk Thanks man! Totally newbie on this.
    Trying to align phase with but no luck yet!

    These are my 9 mics on BD. I guess some of them are useless, but multimic samples should include all of the mics for all of the notes, so I the I should keep the silent also

  • @hisefilo Since it is not a live drumkit but samples, you can choose the bleed you want to propose, like only the OH and the Room, it would be easier to manage. So for each mic you have:

    • Proximity Mic
    • OH bleed
    • Room bleed

    and for Room and OH, you only have Room and OH... It's just an example...

    I don't know sample delay, I am using Auto ALign from Sound Radix. Is it automatic detection?
    For aligning the mic, I ALWAYS use a full take with all drums playing so the detection works better.
    It never works either for me on single hits. The plugin needs a "complete overview" of the instrument for several tens of seconds...

    Your BD seems good, except maybe the inside mic which is a bit "ringgy", but as I don't know the style you aim at...

  • @ustk said in Multimic or Siblings how to:

    Auto ALign from Sound Radix

    Awesome!!! seems what Im looking for! thanks a ton!
    I have the full takes, just cropped BD

  • What I mean is not isolated playing but a real drum fill 😉

  • @ustk Sorry but need to ask this! (I think need to take some classes with you) Phase align and delay (due mics distances) are not the same issue? I mean if I can calculate and delay a mic some ms. they will be all in phase, right? Despite the bottom ones that will be -180?

  • Yes and no... Because phase is frequency-dependent, the delay will not be the same for two different frequencies...
    180° out of phase doesn't require the same delay at 2 different frequencies...
    But yes, in a way that if you re-align two distant mics with the delay corresponding to their relative distance, all the frequencies should be in phase.
    But since the audio material in each mic is not the same, nothing is perfect in this world... ☺

  • @ustk I like the yes and no! Quantum answer!!!
    I guess will need to bend time and space before recording 🙂

    Jokes apart, very clear! Now I get it! Thanks a ton!

  • @hisefilo Yopla! An amateur of quantum mechanic and relativity 😊

  • @hisefilo I just want to add that aligning phase (especially for multiple mics) is not a simple matter, because different setting can work, it is just a matter of taste...
    When using Auto Align, you specify the first mic you want to use as a guide in order to align the other. That is said, the most obvious one is not always what works best (namely the BD)
    I often use one of the OH as guide, because it has all the other mics equally in it which makes the detection easier,
    Sometimes I align the 2 BD mic to the OH, sometimes only one an then the other on the first I just aligned. One rule: no rules...
    But to be honest, the most impotant part is to begin with a good microphone choice, placement, and preamps and even more important, a good room! Otherwise phase alignement won't fix anything...

  • @ustk recording was just fine. I guess.

    Mics were

    • AKG D112.
    • Shure Beta 91a.
    • Shure Beta 98a/c.
    • Shure SM57.
    • Shure SM58.
    • Shure SM81.

    Room was ok also. Not Abbey Road but nice one

  • @ustk dude! take a listen, following your advices. this is brushed drumset played on Hise with my Yamaha 88 controller


  • @hisefilo Man it sounds awesome! Well done buddy 👌
    The ride seems to cut here and there, but maybe because it's played realtime on a keyboard...
    But the rest is full and aerial at the same time, clean and punchy

  • You may want to consider this tool as well: I have used it as of recently to merge different mic positions, so I only have to edit once. It merges all of the files into channels.

  • @ustk thanks mate. Absolutely happy with results

  • @MIDIculous nice!! Will try on my next

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