Feature Request: Sampler Workspace Shortcuts

  • A feature request for HISE 3 😉 Could we get some keyboard shortcuts in the sampler workspace.

    My workflow is I click on the top sample in the table view and make adjustments to it, then I move to the next sample. Ideally I'd like to move to the next sample by pressing the down arrow but if I've clicked away from the table to make adjustments then it loses focus.

    It would be good if I could make my adjustments from the keyboard, or I could keep focus on the list while making adjustments with the mouse. I think I'd prefer a keyboard accessible workflow though.

    Specifically something like

    • SHIFT + NUM+ and SHIFT + NUM- = zoom in/out
    • NUM + and NUM - = sample start offset.
    • SHIFT + left/right arrow = sample start
    • SHIFT + ALT + left/right arrow = sample end
    • ALT + left/right = pan
    • SHIFT + up/down arrow = pitch
    • SHIFT + ALT + up/down = gain
    • CTRL + left/right arrow = loop start
    • CTRL + ALT + left/right arrow = loop end
    • CTRL + ALT + up/down arrow = xfade
    • SPACEBAR = playback currently selected sample

    If an interface can be provided to customize the shortcuts too that would be awesome, as I'm sure everyone has their own preference for shortcut keys.

  • @d-healey Bump bump 🙂

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