(SOLVED) Custom knobs, what file or is it a code?

  • I have a lot of problems but lets start with custom knobs. I want some knobs that i got from knobgallery to insert as a image but it doesnt work. does it need to be a special kind of file? or do i have to code this in. If i need to code this where or how can i find out how to code this into my vst?

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  • @BigBlackMuzik Hi, I am sure there are already quite a lot of threads on this topic, but here are some clues so you know what to look after:

    The filmstrip file needs to be .png and placed in the Images folder of your project
    You can then load this filmstrip into the property editor of your button, where you also have to set the number of strips in your image file, as well as the scale factor (which is related to the size of your widget)

    There is no need to code anything, at least at the beginning...

  • @ustk THANKS! i got it. Much appreciation!

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