Tips when asking for help

  • I made a quick video with a couple of tips about posting your code and snippets when asking for help with your projects.

    One thing I don't mention in the video but that is also suuuuupppper helpful. Is if you have a large project and you have a problem with one feature within that project, don't post all of the code from the project or even a snippet from that project.

    Make a mini-project that demonstrates just that one problem in isolation with only the code/modules/samples/interface necessary to demonstrate the problem (we call this a minimal example). This is much easier for an "outsider" to understand and debug. It will also help you understand the problem better and might enable you to solve it by yourself. I do this all the time when I hit a problem with my projects.

  • 90% of the time, I figure out my problem when writing a new topic...
    The result is generally a self-flagellation 😂

  • Backtick is the name of that symbol. 😎

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