Problem with Impulse

  • Hello everyone,

    I have a problem with a pulse. I have no problem with the previous version of hise. It was a while that I had updated so I decided to do it. Since, can not use convultion reverb.

    Yet, I use it twice. The first is for reverb, I have no problem. The second is for the Color function (a pulse that I created for this specific purpose). That's where I have a problem. I do not understand anything.

    I leave an audio clip to make it clearer.

    I do not understand why it works for one, and not on the other. Especially since everything worked in the previous version.

    Thank you

  • @alexaudio10 You can check your IR sample's metadata. Sometimes metadata with weird characters causes problem. Christoph put meta tag for it, for a while ago. Maybe that can cause this issue. The IR sample shouldn't have any metadata. 😉

  • Hello,

    Thanks for your help. I just removed the metadata with Windows and it does not change anything.

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