Simple Gain "Mute"

  • Please please please, add a mute button in the simple gain module, so we don't have to clutter the FX section with different Gain (1 for level + 1 for mute)
    I know we can handle it in the code to recall the previous level after a mute, but it would be so much easier to have a simple button...

  • You can make a simple mute button, which is what I did. Add a button. Use a filmstrip image with 2 states (umuted/ muted). Then in the property editor on the right, for processorid select the sampler you wish to mute and for parameterid select bypass. You will now have a working mute button.

  • @gorangrooves He wants a button that sets the volume of the Simple Gain FX to -100 when active and restores it to its previous value when it's deactivated.

  • @gorangrooves sometimes you need different mute at any place, not particularly for muting a sampler, but when you want to interact with different routings.

    @d-healey yes, but just cut the signal is enough, no need to set the gain knob to 0, it can stay where it is, but mute the audio path anyway

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