.hip save as not possible

  • Not sure when this bug appeared but it's present in a build from the 23rd of March.

    • Open an existing .hip
    • File >> Save Archive
    • Do you want to save. Click Ok
    • Do you want to overwrite. Click Cancel
    • Popup closes, no option to save as.

    I'm sure in previous versions clicking cancel would provide the opportunity to enter a new file name.

    I know I keep mentioning this every so often but... can we just get rid of the .hip format. It's not reliable and it has "preset" in the name which is confusing to new users. The XML format is much better and I see no downsides to using it exclusively (in fact I don't rely on the .hip at all any more).

  • I always had this behavior (at least since January) 🤔
    So I duplicate the .hip manually

    I totally agree with the xml, I would prefer to have the possibility of saving the xml via cmd+s

  • Yeah. This is confusing. There should be "save as" option and just one reliable format for saving a HISE project file (whatever the format may be). This is standard on most software.

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