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  • Hi,

    I'm about to use HISE, mainly the sampler, for a project of mine, and I need to bend the way a sampler is typically used. I think I now understand enough about HISE to lay down my thoughts and questions :

    The workflow I want is essentially to have a set of .wavs that are entire songs, and reference them on various notes. So MyMotownSong.wav could actually be used on C1 D1 E1 , but using different starting positions. I understand HISE is not made to support this, since it is built on the assumption a sound can only be mapped on a single low-high range, using a single start position (and other audio params).

    To work the way I intend it seems I need to decouple the "sound file" part from the audio/map parameters of ModulatorSamplerSound, ending up with something like ModulatorSamplerSoundFile (the file) and ModulatorSamplerMappedSound (the parameters and a reference to some ModulatorSamplerSoundFile) .

    Is there any other option ? Is this refactor something you could take back eventually ? If not, what would be the best way to deal with future updates and my divergences (I guess that's a broad topic .. )


  • Why don‘t you map the song on the notes and then just use a start offset modulator with different values for each notenumber?

  • I guess I could do something like that .. except it's not ideal.

    The thing is : I want to have a controller button to randomize (i.e : for the currently pressed note) both the sample and the start position.

    For the full idea : the randomizer would pick any samples above some specified high note . For example, C6 and above would each have a single loaded .wavs (which I would not use directly) , and the randomizer would 'copy' any from those onto the currently pressed key and randomize the start position. The goal is to end up with only samples I like , and I'm not assuming all samples from the same .wav would be contiguous on the keyboard.

    Unless... I add the API calls to 'clone and randomize' sounds, and end up with multiple different ModulatorSampleSound instances having the same filename. Would this duplicate the memory used by each instance ? . Then the only issue would be the duplicates in the table map, which I can live with.

  • Samples are ref-counted so duplicate samples share the same file, unless specified otherwise.

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