Help - Controlling Synth Knobs with Interface

  • I love HISE and all of its amazing, open functionality! I know JS but I am just starting to learn the API and how this whole thing works. I am designing a VST instrument but I need to know how the script works when connecting the interface knobs to the synth knobs. Example: I want to connect the "Mix" knob on my interface to the "Mix" knob on the simple waveform generator. How should I accomplish this?

    Any help is appreciated, and I notice there is a lack of tutorial videos - Once I learn how to do this stuff I am more than happy to make some videos and put them up on my YouTube channel!

  • @JMooreo Use the interface designer and select the control you want to connect it to via the Processor ID and Parameter drop downs. Usually you don't need to script this kind of thing in HISE.

    There's some tutorials here you might find helpful

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