Suggestions for improvement of map editor UX

  • Hi Christoph et al.,

    Playing around in HISE today working with some piano samples. I ran into a few minor inconveniences I'd like to mention in case you have any thoughts on addressing these in the future. My apologies if any of these have come up before.

    • 'Fill in velocity range' does so by always raising the pitch until the nearest neighbor up. With large intervals, I have found an approach which uses half the distance, but rounds up works (e.g. between a C and an F#, the C would cover three notes up and the F# two notes down), as this reduces the amount of repitching in either direction, but slightly favoring upwards stretches which are sonically a bit more acceptable.
    • Samples in the Map Editor cannot be 'dragged' around or have their edges 'dragged' for easy visual modifications to mapping (unlike a few other samplers). This feature would be greatly appreciated and is much faster in my experience than selecting sets of samples and then moving the cursor down to go change HiKey/LoKey. If need be, a separate 'move' tool could be added, as opposed to the current 'select' tool.
    • Copy and paste functionality does not seem to allow the user to copy a sample from one Display Group to another. I had a case where I was missing a RR on a certain velocity layer, so I went to duplicate the sample over. That resulted in a duplicate of the sample on the same group (why is this the behavior?). Then, I tried using the copy and paste, as well as cut and paste, but both resulted in the sample being pasted in the same location on the same group. The desired behavior would be one of the following: (1) HISE automatically notes when a RR layer has a hole in it, and copies over a sample from another group to fill in the gap, OR (2) A 'Fill RR' button does this behavior, OR (3) 'paste' will paste the sample in whichever Display Group is currently selected (so to move samples from Group1 to Group2 would only involve selecting Group1, then selecting the desired samples, copying, then selecting group2, then pasting).
    • It is not possible to edit values in the 'Sample Table'. I believe it would be very useful to be bale to directly edit values in the sample table.
    • On choosing 'Import samples', HISE does not remember the previous location from last time you chose 'Import samples' and instead puts you in the HISE directory.

    I would also strongly suggest considering adding 'LoCC#' 'HiCC#' (e.g. 'locc1=0, hicc1=64') to the sampler like in SFZ; that'd make adding pedal samples or alternative mapping schemas involving cc's much easier. You already have Key and Vel, no reason in my mind not to add CC. If this isn't feasible, then at least consider adding a 'Filter MIDI' processor preset which allows MIDI signals to be passed/blocked to the sampler instance if they don't meet certain range of CC values. That'd definitely be helpful for those of us who aren't programmers.

  • @d-healey Thanks! I was trying to figure out how to make that work, but not having much luck- haven't done any programming since a college course on Unity over three years ago now; more than a little rusty.

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