Step by step example?

  • HISE looks like it will be an amazingly awesome tool and I'd love to use it to create plugins for use with our new audio host product we're about to release.

    Unfortunately, I can't for the life of me figure out how to use it. The documentation I've found describes the pieces but there needs to be a full example that shows the entire process. I tried following the tutorials but it's too incomplete.

    So when I try to export ANYTHING as a VST (just to see if I get anything I can load) I get a message "You have to add at least one script processor and call Synth.addToFront(true)

    Well, I did add one (I think, at least I can see a window called Script Processor with buttons for onInit, onNoteOn and so forth. Where am I supposed to call Synth.addToFront(true) (and by the way, WHY?)

    So is there anywhere a complete example of how to use HISE? Can't wait to get it really working.


  • No, the documentation is not the priority as i understand it, so any useful information is unlikely at this point, there is a little information in the forum, but working with HISE right now just means trial and error.

  • As you might gather from my frequent posts here I've been getting to grips with HISE for the past few months, after being introduced to it a year or so ago. I've actually found it fairly straightforward but I have extensive experience with javascript, Kontakt, and programming in general. I can understand how it can be difficult to get started with HISE, even for those who are familiar with other samplers, because HISE has a very different paradigm - which for me is one of it's best features.

    I've mentioned this before, once HISE v1 is released and I've made a few more larger scale projects with it I'll be creating some video tutorials - like I've done for Kontakt - and I hope this will get a lot more people working with HISE and really give it the user base it deserves. 🙂

  • I have the next chapters of the tutorial in the pipeline which will cover modulators, scripting and interface design, so it does have some sort of priority (compared to fixing the forum IP address issue :)). Also the vast majority of feedback I am getting is "crank up the documentation" so I'd be pretty ignorant if I wouldn't listen to this.

    To answer the OPs question about exporting: you have to call Synth.addToFront(true); (or preferably, his new companion, Content.makeFrontInterface(700, 400); in the onInit callback. This will allow you to preview the plugin by clicking on the home button.

    However in order to export the plugin, you'll have to setup your system compilers (Xcode on OS X and Visual Studio on Windows). HISE does not include a compiler, but generates project files for the mentioned IDEs and launches a command line script that invokes the compilation, so if everything goes smoothly, you don't have to touch any C++ code while getting a natively compiled plugin.

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