Creating an Installer on Mac - Can't access subfolders using Whitebox

  • Hi there,

    Has anybody had any luck using Whitebox Packages to create a plugin installer on the mac.

    More specificallly, I am trying to create an installer that will move the .VST and .component files into the following locations:


    However, when looking at the 'Payload' section of the Whitebox UI it does not appear possible to select these sub folder locations for placement.

    Has anybody else come across this issue?

    Spent hours researching and trying to work it out to no avail.


  • Also, if anybody knows of any alternative/better software that can create an installer on a mac please share.


  • @LeeC

    For creating the plugin paths (such as components folder), you can right click and add folders. For adding your plugin into the folder, you need to click "+" button and select your plugin. The installer will take your plugin and install it into the directory that you've created.

    For a better observation, you can watch from 3:55 minute of this video:

    For an example Whitbox Plugin Installer project, you can download this one;

    IPlugEffect.pkgproj is the packages project file.

    Cheers 😉

  • I do it through the command line. Everything you need is here -

  • You're both legends for replying so quick.

    Ok, I'll take a look at the information posted.


  • Hey guys,

    I managed to create an installer that is setup to install an AU & VST file to their associated folders (below), however, when I run the installers the files are not copied to the destinations despite the fact that 'The installation was successful' is shown .

    library>audio>plug-ins>components>plugin.component ☹
    library>audio>plug-ins>vst>plugin.vst ☹

    Interestingly though, if I create a different installer to place files directly in the 'Library' folder or 'User' folder location they show up fine.

    library>plugin.vst ☺
    user>plugin.vst ☺

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


  • Considering trying your command line approach @d-healey but I honestly wouldn't know where to start.

    I checked out the github link that you sent, but I'm such a newb that I wouldn't know how to make use of the files within it ☹

    I know you were talking about setting up tutorials on Patreon a while back....
    Is this something that you've covered already?

    Any guidance would be golden.


  • @LeeC Be sure that you made the plugin's file path "Absolute" in Packages. Go to the Payloads section, click on your plugin, on the right side, it should be set to Absolute.

  • @orange Yes the plugin reference is definitely set to 'Absoulte Path' in the payloads section...


  • So just looked in a little deeper and they are infact installing to the hard drive.
    I noticed that there are two plugin locations on a Mac for anyone finding similar issues...

    1. Users>Computername>library>audio>plugins
    2. library>audio>plugins

    I was initially checking location 1 but the installer was writing to loaction 2.

    Thanks to everyone for helping out ☺

  • @LeeC

    I know you were talking about setting up tutorials on Patreon a while back....
    Is this something that you've covered already?

    The Patreon has been going for a few months now but exporting plugins and building installers isn't something I covered yet. Probably won't get around to them until next year now.

  • @d-healey Thanks for letting me know.
    Will definitely check out the Patreon once I get over this installer malarchy ☺

  • Typical!

    So it turns out that in order for Logic X to recognise au plugins, the component actually needs to be installed in location 1. below:

    1. Users>Computername>library>audio>plugins>components
    2. library>audio>plugins>components

    Does any know how to get Packages to create an installer to write to this location (1.)?

    The issue I'm finding is that the Computername will vary depending on which machine it's installed on. So setting it as an absolute location is not on option.

    Has anybody been down this road before using Whitebox Packages?

    Hope this makes sense.


  • @LeeC see this pictures, when on payload, click the + and you will be able to locate the user/library/audio/plugins
    Skärmavbild 2019-10-30 kl. 21.21.02.png

    Skärmavbild 2019-10-30 kl. 21.21.19.png
    Skärmavbild 2019-10-30 kl. 21.21.36.png
    Skärmavbild 2019-10-30 kl. 21.22.04.png

  • @ulrik Thanks for replying.

    But from my understanding your picture below shows that the plugins will install directly into the /users folder and not into the user/name/library/audio/plugins folder.....

    alt text

    Appreciate your response though

  • @LeeC that picture shows only when you start the process, when in payload I load the plugins from /Users/myName/Library/Audio/PlugIns/ and components & VST3

  • This post is deleted!

  • @LeeC I'm sorry, I did not read your first question so well, I see now that you want to install the plugins to Library/Audio/PlugIns/etc...
    stupid me, I'll delete the latest post...😔

  • In oner installer you can't install in system file and home user folder. To do this I created post install script which move content from Library/Aplication Support/PLUGIN NAME to ~/Library/Aplication Support/PLUGIN NAME.

  • @ulrik No worries. Thanks for trying though! ☺

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