Replacing HISE source code files

  • If I edit some HISE source code, for example the preset browser code, to have some custom functionality/styling/etc. Is there a method to overload the default preset browser without replacing the original files or should I maintain an independent fork?

  • @d-healey My approach is to build different versions of Hise, modified and original. This way I have a Hise that is specific for the project I am working on, which can be different from another modified version for another project. Because you might not want the same modifications for all your projects.

    I am not talking about GitHub here because I don't know what would be the approach.
    So the downside of my technique is that, if the source files are updated with a new version of Hise, I need to manually remodify the new source (but preset browser is not updated that often...).
    If you have just a few modifications, it's not an ocean to drink though... 🌊

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