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  • Thank you very much, I learned a lot!

  • Hi,
    I'm back with another but related question. I would like to use the one shot option for my instrument but your script doesn't work anymore. Is there a way to make it work?



  • administrators

    Are you sure? I've just checked and it works here exactly like back in the days.

  • Yes I think. I tried a lot of time. When « playback settings / playback » is « normal », it works great but when I switch to « one shot », it looks like the function noteOffByEventId doesn’t cut the sound.

  • administrators

    Yes this is intentional. One shot means „ignore the note off and play the whole sample“.

  • Ok, I understand that. This HH things is a very particular case. But as far as I know, several sampler work this way for drums instruments, one shot and choke group. Do you think it would be possible to implement that in Hise? It’s certainly not a high priority but it could be a good feature…

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    The script above already ignores the note off for the open hihat so it should behave like oneshot + choke group.

  • Ah Ok! Sorry for my dumb's questions... So I could use Message.ignoreEvent(true) in the onNoteOff() function for the all drum set to emulate the one shot option, that's it?

    Thanks again for your time

  • administrators

    Yep that should work.

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