Tutorial IV & adding interface elements does not generate code.

  • I'm following the MusicBox tutorial but in step IV there is no code generated when I add interface elements.

    I'm using HISE_1_5_0.pkg downloaded from Github on macOS 10.13.6 .

    I added the background image and first knob (with filmstrip image) easily enough but the tutorial GIF shows code being auto-generated in the code editor but none is created when I added my UI elements.

    Also, the GIF shows you hitting a check mark after adding the elements but there is no check mark in 1.5.0

    When I hit Compile I still see the UI elements so I assume they're 'saved' but I can't do the next step of having HISE automatically create the factory method for adding more knobs (there is no new code to highlight).

    Has the interface designer changed since the version in the tutorial? Or am I doing something wrong?

  • Yes it has indeed changed, and I constantly forget updating the tutorial. Here's a explanation of the change:


  • @Christoph-Hart Excellent, thanks for the detailed docs!

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