Serial number

  • Does this serial number Q83X-AT20-040F-8MJ5 prohibit reuse? Is there a way to make the registered serial number Q83X-AT20-040F-8MJ5 not allowed to be used again.


  • @GUJIAN In order to do this, you need to take machine ID and assign / store it with the serial number.
    So with this way, the plugin won't work if the machine ID is different with the assigned serial key.

    Otherwise, using only serial key is very vulnerable. Last week iLok licenses (one of the most reliable license security system in the world) has been taken by crackers. Only serials, is so easy.

    On the other hand I think it is very interesting that in some reason, cracking is not that bad if you are a new company 🙂 But it is just my opinion. Because it builds ton's of reputation and PR stuff in the world about your brand. If a customer wants to get the plugin legally he will buy, even there are the cracked versions on the internet. If he don't want to buy, he would get the cracked version even if your plugin is $5. 😄

  • @orange Exactly 👏 +1 On Your Words Man, Totally Agree With You.
    It Is A Free Promotion, And Also Raise The Views Of Your Videos On Youtube.
    You Get Free Views On Google, And This Makes Your Website A Better Ranking.
    And As You Said Peeps Who Go For Craked Versions Never Spend A Cent On Softwares.

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