JUCE Autoupdate integration into my plugin to display notice of new plugin version

  • Hey guys,

    I intend to have a feature which, upon plug-in loading, will check my plugin version against the latest version available and display a note to the end-user that they can update. The plugin will have an illuminated icon, which upon click will display a popup notification with text pulled from a server. JUCE already has a module that does it for them and I intend to customize it for my needs. The files are jucer_AutoUpdater.cpp and jucer_AutoUpdater.h. I don't need the actual updating, but just version checking and the notification. I have a developer helping me with this but I need some info to make sure we are heading in the right direction.

    My question is:
    Do I need to integrate those custom modules by compiling HISE with them, or only include those custom modules during my plugin compiling? Or perhaps both?

    @Christoph-Hart What's the right approach here, please?

    Thank you!

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