AU plugins on iOs

  • Ok so heres a bit of a generalised q...

    Do need to do anything special to my AU plug-in to it works on the iPad? - apart from all the Ui changes to make sure it works "nice" with touch based ifaces I mean...

    Has anyone done much of this - any gotchas? any thing I should do/avoid?

  • @Lindon I assume an app certificate thingy is required from Apple.

  • @d-healey oh yeah all that malarky....

  • Yeah, developing on iOS is the worst.

    My top 5 problems:

    1. Can't load AU plugins that use more than 350MB in total (so three instances with 150MB each blow up the iPad). This restriction was lifted with iOS 12 fortunately, but back when I did serious iOS development, it was a real killer for any sample-based stuff.
    2. Can't create .ipa archives for testing with sizes > 4GB. Doesn't complain, doesn't say what's wrong, just doesn't work.
    3. Can't test the InApp purchases without actually making a contract and supplying a valid bank account - again, no error reporting, just returns false without any indication
    4. Sometimes the metadata in image files prevent compilation. You need to add a pre-build step that strips the metadata (sometimes, but then it works again)

    And there's many more, so if you're not super fluent in iOS development and Apple's company policy of being as annoying as possible, then you'll need plenty of patience...

  • @Christoph-Hart wow this so doesnt sound like me.....

  • Sigh - well now I have a customer enquiring about doing iOS builds, so questions:

    1. I'm assuming when I build an AU plugin it will be AUv3 - so it will run no problem on iOS devices?
    2. I Assume I can build a standalone product on iOS too...

  • @Lindon I think clearly the answer to q 2 is yes - given theres a build option for it in the dialog... silly me.

  • Yes if you build a standalone app for iOS you‘ll get AUv3 for „free“.

  • @Christoph-Hart Ok great, but I'm not sure I understand this correctly..

    I can compile my project for iOS devices and it will build the AUv3 at the same time? Seems a slightly strange way to work but.... ,
    I can build my project for iOs devices, and I can also build AU plug-ins (in the "normal" manner) and these are AUv3?

  • Seems a slightly strange way to work but

    Yes, an iOS app contains the plugin that runs as AUv3. That's how Apple rolls...

    The reason might have something to do with sandboxing, otherwise you wouldn't be able to access common data (eg. user presets or samples) with both versions.

  • @Christoph-Hart thansk... god help me with Apple...

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